Who We Are

PromotePrevent is proud to be part of Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)—a leading global nonprofit organization established in 1958 that designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic development. 
We draw from EDC’s long history of expertise in learning and development—and our own passion—to promote safe and healthy schools and communities where children and youth can learn, play, and grow.
For 11 years, we supported nearly 300 communities who were awarded the federally funded Safe Schools/Healthy Students (SS/HS) grant—an initiative that helps promote safe and healthy schools and communities. We also provided technical assistance to SAMHSA’s Project LAUNCH state and local grantees who see to promote the wellness of young children—from birth to age eight. By focusing on systems that serve young children, the goal of Project LAUNCH is to help all children reach physical, social, emotional, behavior and cognitive milestones.
The work we do follows four guiding principles: 
  • Children and youth benefit when schools and communities work together as partners. Issues that children and youth face today—including cyberbullying, mental health, and substance abuse—are too complex for schools to effectively address on their own.
  • Systemic change is the best route to connect schools and other youth-serving organizations to create a positive and lasting impact.
  • Collecting and using data to guide decision-making about program services and evidence-based programs is essential to effective program maintenance and long-term sustainability.
  • Universal mental health promotion and prevention can support all students in achieving success, both in the classroom and in life.

Learn From Our Work With Communities Like Yours

The National Center works closely with hundreds of diverse communities across the country on improving student outcomes through school-community partnerships—and we’d like you to benefit from what we’ve learned.
A cornerstone of the SS/HS Initiative and Project LAUNCH is building broad partnerships between schools and local organizations. We helped SS/HS and Project LAUNCH grantees engage schools, mental health providers, law enforcement and juvenile justice agencies, and other youth-serving organizations to bridge gaps in services and supports that benefit students, families, and their communities. 
Our 3 Bold StepsPartner-Plan-Act—capture the best of what these communities have learned. By following the 3 Bold Steps, you too can learn how to bring schools and community agencies and services together to create lasting change.


Transform Your Community Using the Skills You Practice Here

Our products go beyond simply providing you with information—we go a step further to support you in taking these 3 Bold Steps in your own community. Based on our work with communities just like yours, our collection of rich, interactive e-Learning activities and tools offer you the opportunity to practice the skills—and develop the confidence—to help you create successful and sustainable community collaborations.
Real-life examples of how the lives of children and youth are being improved through the Partner-Plan-Act process will inspire you to take the first step toward transforming your own community.